Costumes of India


The happiness and hearty enjoyments of tribals in karnataka is expressed through the colorful clothes. The main attire of men there is lungi and Shirt, along with an "angavasthram". A lungi is a unstiched piece of cloth which is worn below waist beneath shirt. Angavastharam is a cotton or silk muffler which is used by men in karnataka in order to cover their neck and shoulders. Women in karnataka wears Sarees and Salwar suit. Saree is a long cloth which is tied around the body in a very unique way. Salwar suit is a north indian dress is becoming very famous in karnataka. Salwar suit is especially very popular in girls aged between 18-35. Western clothing is alsobecoming very popular amongst youngsters in Karnataka.

Tamil Nadu

Tamilian women mostly dress in a Kanchipuram saree. Kanchipuram saree is made out of one of the most expensive clothes. Tamilian women wear the Kanchipuram saree every day and it looks like she is dressed up for marriage party even on a regular day. Tamilian men use to wear traditional lungi and shirt but nowdays they are seen in more westernized clothes then traditional.